Aerial photography – Helicopter & Fixed Wing


Aerial Photography Specialists

As specialists in aerial photography, our goal is to produce images that are catered specifically to your individual needs.
We can realise your vision with outstanding results at both low levels and high altitudes. – available Australia wide.

A range Helicopter, Single and Twin Engine Aircraft now available for Hire andBookings.

Hi -Res Photography and HD Video, Gyro Stabilised Video are available

Aerial Photography Services Specialised for the Following:
* Construction
* Real Estate & Property Developement
* Survey & Planning
* Farm & Agriculture Photography.
* Powerline Survey
* Water & environmental Management
* Media & TV and location shoot Requirements

There are many uses for our elevated Mast Service to name a few:
Lightbox Aerial Photography Service     Call us today – photos and print start from $250.00 + Airtime

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