November 2009

Corporate Portraiture

Lightbox can capture your company portraiture requirements ranging from the boardroom to all your employees,
we take great care to work closely with you to develope a brief that will  capture and highlight your companies and people strengths to expose their passion, purpose and of course, their portraits.

Let us develop your  photographic content and portraiture requirements for all your organisations’ marketing and media endeavours.

Corporate Profiles for Media

Corporate Portraiture & Media Photography


Dont forget we print all photographs, posters canvas art and enlargements in-house at the Studio. Our 24″ and 44″ Wide format printers are running hot and waiting for more work.
We print on high quality Ilford archive papers and 100% cotton Canvas. Built to last a lifetime.

Call us for today for a quote on Posters, Photographic enlargments, artwork and Black and white printing and scanning and large format laminating.

Canvas Art for Work or Home

Canvas Art and Large Photographs printed by lightbox

Freedom Pools Australia

lightbox were commissioned to photograph and highlight the vast range of Freedom Pools
swimming pool range. The pool photographs where then submitted to the Industry awards
where our photographs provided the company awards ranging from bronze to Gold medals.
sample pool:

Landscape & Architectural photography by lightbox

Landscape & Architectural photography by lightbox

Time-Lapse Photography-Construction

Lightbox Time-Lapse Mobile Camera

Time-Lapse photography – Is what we do best… Construction, Industrial & Mining
We build our own Camera Systems that not only shoot the highest-quality
time lapse movies and images, but also feature remote viewing and monitoring
that works as a fully-featured project management, promotion and monitoring tool.

We can create and monitor your project from 1day through to a 3 year project and beyond.

Our remote camera systems and our fantastic software can help you view all your
construction sites, in amazing detail, right from a web browser.

Lightbox imageworks can produce unique and remarkable movies of your project and build from our photographic time lapse cameras.
We capture high resolution images at set intervals. You can play back a project from start to finish in minutes!
E.g. perfect for Construction, bridge building and long term projects or monitoring.

With our time lapse camera and software system, you can see all your sites, in awesome detail, right from your web browser or mobile phone.
You can view site progress, from minutes ago to months ago, and collaborate with colleagues and partners – across the room or across the world.

Cameras are custom built for each specific project because of the many factors that have to be taken into account.
For Example: * is there power or is solar required

Contact us today for a quote.

Bette Middler Tribute Show

Lightbox have sponsor  Cath Alcorns upcoming show ” The Divine Miss Bette to be held at
the Wagga Country Club during December. We had alot of fun photography
cathy for her portfolio and studio sessions of her role as “Miss Bette” below is the results.

Miss Cath Alcorn

The Devine Miss Bette - Photograhy by lightbox

GTES Awards night – Official photograher

Lightbox was the official photographer for the GTES awards.  Congratulations
to all the finalists and award winners. Photos are available from the GTES office or
contact us here at lightbox if you require some prints.

GTES awards 2009

lifestyle lighting location shoot

TV Advertising and Corporate image:

It was great to see on TV the finished photographs used in “Lifestyle Lightings”
new TV commercial. here are some images from the shoot.

Studio Shoot- Heaven the Axe

Media & Advertising Shoot:
for “heaven the Axe” – This Melbourne band sponsored by schector guitars.
We had great fun photographing Steve and Phoebe for the Billy Hyde Advertising campaign.check out sample photos that will be in their national campaign. here:

Steve & Phoebe from "Heaven the Axe"

Steve & Phoebe from "Heaven the Axe"