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Studio Shoot- Heaven the Axe

Media & Advertising Shoot:
for “heaven the Axe” – This Melbourne band sponsored by schector guitars.
We had great fun photographing Steve and Phoebe for the Billy Hyde Advertising campaign.check out sample photos that will be in their national campaign. here:

Steve & Phoebe from "Heaven the Axe"

Steve & Phoebe from "Heaven the Axe"

Miss Wagga Wagga 2010 crowning photoshoot

Miss Wagga Crowning 2010:

The Miss Wagga 2010 Crowning photographs will be available for viewing today by clicking

this misswagga link or select the Miss Wagga link in our link section of the website
to view or purchase the photos.

Thanks to the Committee for all their assistance throughout the year.
Kind Regards
Darren and Kylie

Miss Wagga Crowning 2010

Welcome to lightbox imageworks photography

COMMERCIAL Photography and Studio:

Lightbox Imageworks: We are a commercial photographic business providing professional photography, studio and print services. We extend our services to deliver a diverse range of commercial & industrial photography services. We have a proven  track record and our work is well known and highly regarded.